El Yunque could be one of the most popular attractions for the tourist in the island, also is the Caribbean’s most precious natural resource. Consisting in a vast vivid green forest covering 28,000 acres with rising peaks up to 3000 feet. el Yunque is the only tropical rain forest in the US National Forest system with various ample rainfall creating a jungle setting with lush foliage, biodiversity, waterfalls and rivers. The Forest contains hundreds of species of trees, orchids, plants and a few animals. You will hear many birds, see and hear the small Coqui frogs and large snails as they enjoy the moisture of the forest. El Yunque is the most visited attraction on Puerto Rico. Is a refreshed walking trailed adventure, cooling off under the plunging waterfalls and natural pools with crisp spring waters. There are multiple falls in the Forest that you can visit, but we recommend the Juan Diego Falls, La Mina Falls and La Coca Falls. These are the one's that appear in our pictures!