What's up! Are you ready to have an unforgettable and unexpected vacation? Then hop into a plane towards the paradise of Puerto Rico, and let your world be blown away. We are a local crew that specializes in bringing the best of our beautiful island. This vacation package promotes all the best local activities, focused on the most iconic and unknown places that this island has to offer. Going from the best trending or "hangout" spots, onto the inner & outer top beaches. entering into the deep mountains where waterfalls lay on light blueish waters; treasured landmarks so hidden that even the locals have never been. all this while enjoying the highest local cuisine available for you're taste. our crew is ready & prepared to take you up in this unbelievable journey that only can be seen with local knowledge.


        since "ya'll" be flying from different parts of the world, the only thing that is not included will be the plane ticket, which must be paid separately by the travelers. all of our trips are designed day by day; visiting and moving from place to place making the most out of it. our trips are on the scheduled table on the "selecting your trip" page. there are shorter and longer trips composed by the selected activities. trips can be mixed or created "designing" you're own trip. The selected trips are just suggestions that we make. Costs depends on the length of you're stay. prices change if the individual or group wants to eat lobster, fillet mignon (ultra premium food) or doing activities as: skydiving, atv, Beach horse ride, Jet ski or take an island tour in the helicopter ride.


           go on our "selecting your trip" page and choose or create the trip that best fits your vacation.

*There is a minimum of 4 people per group.*

 Our mission is to promote and engage the most exhilarating trip that you can get for the bang of your buck$. Therefore we have planned all the logistics for the (private) road transportation, including the private boats for the distant island trips, houses,
"hanging" spots, cooks for the morning, lunch and if wanted also for dinner meals; premium alcohol ALL INCLUDED. so hop on the plane and let your breath be taken away!!